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Welcome to Locust Grove Women’s Health!

We are a medical practice dedicated to providing quality medical care to the women of the Treasure Valley.

Located in Meridian, Idaho

Locust Grove Women’s Health is a combined effort by Dr. John Fox, GYN, and Gloria Beery and Laura Bainbridge, Certified Nurse Practitioners. We provide gynecological care and general health care for women aged 12-65.

Our small, friendly environment

...caters to the unique needs of women. We care deeply about the physical, emotional, and mental health needs of all our patients, and would love to add you to our family!

New Patient Forms

Please download and print the new patient forms and bring them to your next appointment. If you have any questions please feel free to call. 208.855.2710

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Our Philosophy

We believe in personalized care. Individual bodies have individual needs. With our combined training and experience, we can tailor your treatment to your specific needs.

Dr. Fox specializes in reparative gynecologic surgery with a focus on quality service and execution. He offers a wide range of services, streamlining procedures so that patients can focus on home recovery, rather than having to stay in the hospital.

Gloria has personal experience with both breast cancer and menopause. Her personal experience combined with her medical knowledge gives her a unique edge when it comes to prescribing hormones and personalizing treatments based on your body chemistry.

Laura rounds out our expertise with her additional interest in the mental health of our patients. She works with a psychiatrist when not in our office.

We focus on overall health and wellness, including prevention. We want our patients to experience the best quality of life possible, and will give you the information you need to live a healthy lifestyle.

About us
Dr. John Fox

After years of practicing as an OB-GYN in the Tri-cities area, Dr. Fox moved to Idaho to be closer to his family. In 2008, he founded Locust Grove Women’s Health, a gynecological practice.

Gloria Beery

Gloria Beery provides comprehensive general health care for women aged 12-65. After over 35 years of working for others, she decided to break out on her own. Dr. Fox had space to share at Locust Grove, so the two joined forces.

Laura Bainbridge

In 2014, Laura Bainbridge joined the team. With her enthusiasm and passion for helping people, as well as her experience with mental health services, she has been a great addition to the practice!

Our staff prides themselves in providing personalized, competent, and compassionate care.

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